‘Seriously Addictive Mathematics’

Singapore Maths

Our program has been modelled on the Singapore Maths curriculum and pedagogy which is unique and revolutionary in its approach towards the subject. Singapore Maths has garnered accolades around the world as one of the best maths program for children based on various studies by international organizations.

The Classroom Experience

The Classroom Experience, conducted by Certified S.A.M Trainers, engages students with dialogue, probing questions, props, games and a healthy dose of encouragement. The idea is to make learning fun and memorable through an array of interactive experiences.

Worksheet Experience

The Worksheet Experience engages each student individually in their own designated time for self directed learning. This regime instills self discipline and independent learning, both necessary skills required in all manner of learning, not just Mathematics.

Accelerate your child’s learning

We developed over 30,000 pages of meticulously designed self learning worksheets with a unique step up approach, covering everything your child needs to know in order to excel in Mathematics at school.

We also designed a comprehensive S.A.M Training system to ensure that our Trainers deliver a quality learning experience for your child. Research has shown that Early Exposure to math concepts and skills will enhance your child’s confidence in Maths in their later years.

SAM’s Holistic Approach to Mathematics combines Classroom Learning and Worksheets Practice to give your child an early advantage in Singapore Maths to stay ahead of their cohort.

Introduction of concept

The classroom experience starts with our Trainers introducing a new concept individually to a child. This is typically done using props, games and real world exemples to make it easier forthem to grasp the concept. It also makes the learning experience fun, engaging and memorable for them.

Guided Practice is in class only, what about independent practice at home?

Once a new concept has been introduced, children are expected to practice the concept under the guided observation of our Trainers who engages them with dialogue, probing questions and healthy dose of encouragement.

Correction and Monitoring of Progress

Our Trainers also discuss worksheet corrections from previous week with children. They take this opportunity to monitor the progress of each child – how are they coping with their work, their rate of progress and level of motivation.
Qualified S.A.M Trainers understand that their role is not just to instil mathematical knowledge in students, but to also inculcate in them the right learning attitude and self-discipline to prepare them for the future.

Your Children

At SAM, we train children to develop an attitude of self-discovery and learning at a young age. Our trainers ask leading questions rather than spoon-feed children. A habit of self-learning and discovery transcends beyond the subject of Mathematics – it will greatly benefit their learning of other subjects as well.

Mathematics - A Friend For Life

“Math is useless. I don’t like Math. Why do I have to learn Math?” As a parent, you are likely to have heard these expressions from your child before. Here are some essential facts to help you explain to your child the importance of Math in everyday life and why an edge in Math today can go a long way in the future.

There's More To Learning Than IQ

A child’s schooling days are the most important in their life, and it is important for them to learn earlier in life that learning is an enjoyable and fruitful lifelong journey. So then, how exactly does a so-called ’positive mindset’ really improve a child performance, and how can a parent help them achieve it?

Raise An Intelligent Child

What does it take to raise an intelligent child in today’s society? Learn how early math exposure can benefit your child’s overall development and success in life in our e-book.

Your children’s education are our main priorities